How much does it cost to use Geek Squad?

Geek Squad is the most remarkable support service provider in the world. The large customer turn certifies the support and antivirus services given by our specialists. We are additionally responsible for the quality and execution of your damaged devices. For quite a long time our items have turned into a popular expression among the clients all around the globe. 

We are a satisfied seller and service supplier to the millions in the US and outside for specialized and programming troubles. Individuals have turned out to be familiar with the nature of our items and services, for example, Webroot and Geek Squad 24/7 Support. At whatever point they experience specialized trouble we are the primary thought and contender to strike in their psyches.

 Subsequently, it turns into our obligation to convey uncompromising services and getting the job done on the requests of the customers. Often, our clients confront issues of memberships for our items and they are perplexed about the renewal plans. They don’t have to stress and just straightforwardly contact at the toll-free number to get Best Buy Geek Squad Prices for various products and services. Our tech people would give and guarantee the best offers to an extensive variety of our services and items.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Geek Squad?

Usually, Geek Squad has two types of service plans one for individuals which starts from $39.99 to 329.99, and for long term service plans starts from $24.99/mo to $49.99/mo. OR if you are booking on-site assistance there will be an extra charge for that. While the remote support costs less than a home visit. Additionally, Geek Squad provides IT support for small businesses. So if your start-up lacks an IT support guy, you can avail of their services monthly. In this article, We’re going to give you an idea of Geek Squad’s listed pricing.

Geek Squad Individuals Service costs for One Time

Geek Squad offers a lot of services for a one-time payment service basis. From something complex jobs like router set up to the more simple jobs like software installation. Geek Squad has a wide range of technical assistance. Depending on your gadget issues. you can spend a minimal amount to resolve your gadgets issue. Here is an In-depth pricing chart for their services.

List oF services Costs (One Time)

Printer or Scanner Setup $39.99

PC Tuning $39.99

Operating System Installation $99.99

Computer or Tablet Setup $99.99

PC Diagnostic and Repair $99.99

Virus/Malware Removal $149.99

Server Management $299.99

Antivirus/Firewall Support $259.99

VPN Support $329.99

Server Diagnostic $299.99

Geek Squad Monthly Plans Costs

Geek Squad offers two different plans on a subscription basis. The Standard Plan is the cheaper among two while the Advanced Plan is a bit costly. Both the plans offer 24×7 telephonic assistance, 24×7 chat support, Firewall, and VPN support, among others. The fundamental difference between them is that the Advanced Plan includes on-site assistance. Here is a Chart table for both the plans

Standard Plan Advanced Plan

Monthly Costs for Single User $24.99/mo $49.99/mo

Initial Setup         $99.99 (one time) $99.99 (one time)

Geek Squad IT Support Plan for Offices

Geek Squad offers IT support for offices of all sizes. The pricing depends on the number of operating computers and servers. We are providing a basic rate chart for an office of 10 or fewer devices and 10 hours of on-site assistance

Services Providing Pricing

10 Hours On-Site Assistance $1390.00

Initial Setup and Monthly Fees $3098.79

Total $4488.79

Note: If you want a quotation for larger office spaces, you can visit the official website.

The Best Buy Geek Squad Prices and offers are decided in the manner that customers are benefited from all the resorts. We keep in mind that the clients keep utilizing our services for long. You can dial our toll-free number every to get help with renewal and best offers identified with an assortment of items. On the off chance that you discover any issue with the renewal and membership of our items and services call our Geek Squad specialists. They will instantly draw in with you and consider your inquiries and specialized issues. Geek Squad the Best Buy Geek Squad Prices are reasonable and best in the world.

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